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Brisbane animal data

Yugara: Juwanbin

Yugarabul/Turubul: Juwahnduwan

Yugambeh: Noangbil

Yugara/Yugarabul/Turubul : Mirri

Yugambeh: Ngurun

Yugara/Turubul: Nguyi

Yugarabul: Ngurun

Yugambeh: Murun

Yugara: Jawan

Yugarabul: Guyurr

Turubul: Kuyur

Yugambeh: Jalumm


Yugara/Yugarabul: Juwehrr

Turubul: Dibbil

Yugambeh: Mibunn

Yugara/Yugarabul: Barrar

Turubul: Gurooman

Yugambeh: Muni

Yugara/Turubul: Dumbirrbi

Yugarabul: Marrambi

Yugambeh: Borobi

Yugara/Yugarabul/Turubul: Bulualum

Yugambeh: Chungarra

Yugara/Yugarabul/Turubul: Kubbi

Yugambeh: Guran

Yugara/Yugarabul/Turubul: Powai

Yugambeh: Bowai

Yugara/Yugarabul: Bui

Turubul: Tumgu

Yugambeh: Jomgwong


Which location is associated with Australian and Torres Strait Island Indigenous languages?

All about us!

Our Gurumba Bigi initiative is centred around cultural and educational exchanges to showcase and strengthen Queensland and Torres Strait Island Indigenous languages.

We launched into this project because approximately 90% of Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander languages are endangered. By showcasing these languages, current and future generations might have the opportunity to learn from and connect to these diverse communities and their unique languages.